Digital Panchayat is a functional and dynamic Digital Platform and working station designed and created for each Panchayat

Objectives & Goals

Digital Panchayat’ is about empowering and developing the grassroots communities at the panchayat levels through creation of virtual community at each panchayat level through an interactive and collaborative web portal, the portal run, managed and sustained by the local community through regular information and content management from a bottom-up as well as top-down channels.

  • Villages to be part of the global citizenship and link with nonresident individuals to connect with their land of domicile
  • Creation of basic ground to go for full-fledged rural governance, two-way information channel, advocate for village panchayat level data centre and gateway of e-Democracy
  • Development of Digital Panchayat toolkit, which includes text book on “ICT tools” and curriculum for capacity building of Panchayat functionaries in ICT & digital media
  • Enrichment of national level .IN domain of www by having all 2,50,000 Panchayats online
  • Develop a very comprehensive Campaign/Outreach Booklet for all the participants, which would broadly serve the purpose of “empowering the participants through pictorial diagrams, Caselets, examples, Internet goods, and list of benefits that would be directly related to each panchayat and the important steps to have their own domains and websites, in their own languages”;
  • Create a campaign website under this partnership and populate the website with all relevant information of campaign, meetings, workshops, and outcome report, including enlisting the participating individuals and Panchayats and other agencies including audio and video content feedback aggregated at the time of the events;
  • Create a modus operendi of series campaign and multiplier effect after the meet/workshop so that the awareness campaign could be carry forward by the Sarpanches and Zila Parishads and the NGOs
  • Increase ICT and internet awareness at panchayat level
  • Village level digital content collection, collation, and aggregation
  • Firsthand experience for panchayat people to be part of digital world
  • Virtual identity for each panchayat on World Wide Web
  • Giving an experience of transparent Panchayat level programme
  • Chance for citizens to directly and publicly lodge complaints
  • Chance and hope for district, state and central level administration and governance to see what is happening on the ground
  • Facilitate e-Gov platform with G2C, B2C services, etc;

DP Programme Components