Digital Panchayat is a functional and dynamic Digital Platform and working station designed and created for each Panchayat

Tamil Nadu WorkshopThe Inauguration of the Digital Panchayat Centre was held at the Office Premises of Mahalir Munnetra Sangam (MMS) at Chinnamanur on 28th June 2012. Mr. Osama Manzar, Founder and Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), New Delhi, Dr LN Rajaram, Founder and Managing Trustee, Local Community Exchange Empowerment Trust (LOKALEX), Chennai, 11 Panchayat Presidents, 2 Vice presidents and 2 spouses of the Panchayat presidents participated and took active part in the discussions. Ms. K. Parvathi, Secretary, Mahalir Munnetra Sangam, presided over the function and Dr LN Rajaram gave the special address.
The launch outlined the usefulness of having a digital space for their panchayat and also paved way for a close interaction with the Panchayat presidents who were keen to handle local issues. Dr LN Rajaram, explained how the panhcayat could exploit the medium and educated them about the power of the medium and escalation of issues that would result in prompt response by the authorities. They were also informed about how they can advertise to the world about their products and trade online. Overall we could gather that the presidents understood the various benefits viz., visibility, online trading, escalation of issues, etc through Digital Panchayat Program and were willing to provide their panchayat data and access the digital Panchayat Centre - either they themselves or with the help of the Panchayat clerk or educated youth in their village.

Mr. Osama handed over 4 netbooks to Ms.Parvathy in the presence of Dr LN Rajaram and other panchayat presidents, and wished her good luck and expressed that in six months time, he would like to see the centre operating completely from the income generated out of the commercial activities at the centre and that the Panchayat presidents use it on a regular basis.

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Tamil Nadu Online Panchayats

S. No Theni Panchayats Name URL
1 Appipatty Gram Panchayat
2 Eranampatty Gram Panchayat
3 Kamatchipuram Gram Panchayat
4 Kokilapuram Gram Panchayat
5 Poolanandapuram Gram Panchayat
6 Pottipuram Gram Panchayat
7 Pulikuthi Gram Panchayat
8 Rayappanpatty Gram Panchayat
9 Sankarapuram Gram Panchayat
10 Seeppalakottai Gram Panchayat
11 Anamalayanpatty Gram Panchayat